Extended DISC is a comprehensive behavioural / psychometric assessment which reports on 160 different styles and exposes an individuals natural behavioural style. Unlike Myers-Briggs, which just reports on 16 styles, Extended DISC can be customised and tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

Popular applications for Extended DISC:

Leadership Development
Recruiting and Selection
Team Development
Organisational Development
Cross-Cultural Communication
Communication and Inter-personal Skills Training
Customer Service Training
Talent Management

Extended DISC Features:

Measures emotions
Difficult to cheat
More stable results than with other methods
Measurers both conscious and unconscious levels
Reports are easy to obtain
Self-evaluation takes 10 minutes and you get a 20 page reports in minutes

Flexibility of assessments offered to reflect your business

Unlock your True Potential

discover what comes naturally to you and share it with perspective employers!

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