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Embracing your skills in NLP you can harness so many new opportunities. Have you ever considered running your own business? Enhancing your communication skills for your workplace? Feeling confident while Public Speaking? or even feeling confident and finding a new happiness in your life?

Well read more below on what NLP is and how you can use it in everyday life or to create a new career...

What is NLP?

From the moment we are born, we are unconsciously learning “programs” or “strategies”. Breathing, walking, talking – they are all programs or strategies we learn automatically through our various senses: smell, taste, hearing, sight and recall.

Every now and then, one of these programs or strategies is learnt incorrectly or is no longer of any use to us or simply unhelpful.

NLP essentially re-programs unhelpful behaviour and replaces it with positive behaviour

Here’s an anal​ogy…

Take a fear of spiders for example. While being cautious of a Redback spider in your shoe is a fine and dandy program or strategy to learn, screaming like a banshee at a Daddy Long Legs which is 2 metres away is probably not much use to you.

By introducing NLP techniques, you can relearn your behaviour using all of your senses – smell, taste, hearing and sight – and visualise another outcome and a different reaction to the spider.

And get this... NLP can be applied to everything!

Some examples are:

Sports Performance
Various Health Problems
Weight loss
Fear of Flying
Public Speaking
Quitting Smoking
Low Self Esteem
Limiting Beliefs
And more....

NLP and hypnosis have a close relationship and if they are used as a combination, they can have even more remarkable results. Don’t live in the past and stop negatively predicting the future – you deserve to start living the life you actually want to live right now.

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