Take your new NLP skills to another level

At Master Training you will learn the artistry of NLP and refine your technique, taking it to a whole new level.

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Master Practitioner Certification gives you 27 key areas of expertise.


  1. Modelling
  2. Quantum Linguistics
  3. Cartesian Logic
  4. Values
  5. Meta Programs
  6. Sleight of Mouth

Deepening and Extending NLP Practitioner Knowledge

  1. Advanced Sub modalities
  2. Allergies cures
  3. Designer Swish
  4. Advanced Anchoring
  5. Conversational Change
  6. Milton & Meta Modelling
  7. Advanced Strategies
  8. Advanced Metaphor Design.
  9. Walt Disney Creativity Strategy
  10. Group Rapport

Matrix Therapies Masters

  1. Resolving Grief
  2. Clearing Negative influences
  3. Deprograming patterns from Mum and Dad
  4. Clearing Negative Emotions
  5. Clearing Negative Beliefs
  6. Resolving Pain
  7. Dream Analysis
  8. Symbolic Parts Integration
  9. Archetypal Download
  10. Taking a Detailed Personal History
  11. How to Coach using Matrix Therapies

You've Learned The Basics... Time To Master It

This will take you to a whole new lever of understanding, learn to Master the finer points of change..

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