Take your learning to a whole new level, integrating both your in class learning and online learning!

Our NLP Training course is a comprehensive training package that will provide you with multiple tools and knowledge to enhance your already successful  business.  

So you've finished your NLP Practitioner training, you absolutely loved it and then you left the classroom...... Little by little you started to forget your training and then your confidence.. Sound familiar??


 You've always had an interest in NLP but don't have the time, transport or confidence to come to our face to face training... well this is for you too...

Now you can take your trainer home with you!!

We listened!!! Time and time again students told us they loved the training but once home they simply forgot some of the techniques or became a bit rusty?? So we decided to record the whole training!! So NLP Online NOW was born...

NLP Online NOW was created to enable you to learn in your time, your pace & in the comfort of your own home!!



 Life Coach / Nutritional Coach 

I love this course!!
The NLP online course is very convenient and user-friendly. I found the videos very engaging whilst the teacher was training and the exercises given along the way involved me in the tasks to gain clarity on myself and a better understanding of the NLP concept. What I really found relieving, at times I had to stop the course half way when I got back to study time it was exactly where I left off instead of replaying the whole thing which of course the choice is there too.
This online course is great to have on hand for already coaches or consultants - learning material is great and for new people wanting to upgrade and learn a New skill.  

Expand Your Mind With NLP Online NOW Training.


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    MODULE 1 - Why NLP?
  • MODULE 2 - Cause & Effect
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    MODULE 3 - Perception is Projection
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    MODULE 4 - Presuppositions of NLP
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    MODULE 5 - Principles of Success
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    MODULE 6 - Communication Model
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    MODULE 7 - Prime Directives Of The Unconscious Mind
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    MODULE 8 - Sensory Acuity
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    MODULE 9 - Representational System
  • MODULE 10 - Rapport Building
  • MODULE 11 - Submodalities
  • MODULE 12 - Likes To Dislikes
  • MODULE 13 - Swish Patterns
  • MODULE 14 - Anchoring
  • MODULE 15 - Resource Anchor
  • MODULE 16 - Collapse Anchor
  • MODULE 17 - Chain Of Anchors
  • MODULE 18 - Hierarchy Of Ideas
  • MODULE 19 - Milton Model
  • MODULE 20 - Meta Model
  • MODULE 21 - Metaphor
  • MODULE 22 - Reframing
  • MODULE 23 - Eye Patterns
  • MODULE 24 - Strategies
  • MODULE 25 - Parts Integration

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9 Hours Of Extensive Training
37 Videos Both Class Room Setting With Demonstrations
International Award Winning Trainer
Life Time Access

Course Valued at $2,500



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 Our NLP Online NOW Training is recognised by the International NLP Association

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